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Computing on the catwalk


Wearing computers is in fashion

Computers are starting to do more than just provide a useful service. They are increasingly providing an outlet for us to express our individuality. One of the most common forms of expression is through what we wear, from t-shirts with Che Guevara on them to New Era baseball caps. So why not wear a computer to show who you are?

Computers and fashion seem to be a perfect match. Both change constantly. Both are essential parts of modern life. Our choices about both are a way of expressing how cool (or not) we are. Combining the two will likely lead to a future where technology and everyday life are much more intimately linked than now. Whether you want to be Ironman or a catwalk star, your clothes are getting cleverer and cleverer. Could your clothes, one day, be more intelligent than you are? Could they, rather than you be the one catching a virus? Could your computer of the future help you choose your wardrobe? Or maybe it will be robots worrying about what to wear. Who knows! Read on to find out more about the endless possibilities when combining computers with what we wear.

Read the articles below or download the pdf of our special issue on computing and fashion.

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