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Welcome to the fun side of computer science! Explore how computer science is also about people, solving puzzles, creativity, changing the future and, most of all, having fun.

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Perhaps you've seen our live show and now are searching for answers or more to do. Why not build your own Noughts and Crosses Artificial Intelligence or discover the computer science behind our magic show?

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Magazine Issue 22

issue 22 Creative Computing

Magazine Issue 21

issue 21 Computing Sounds Wild

Resources for Teachers

A bee Teaching London Computing

Terry Pratchett: Death says HI

A flow Going Postal: learn how networks work

BBC Make it Digital

CS Everywhere We are partnering the BBC

Computer Science and Philosophy

puppet The power of thought

Women and Computing

The cover of annual 2 The Women are here!

Safer Medical Devices

a still from the microwave racing video Microwave Racing



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The Black Hole:

Black hole Explore at Random

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Maze Get Lost!


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