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The Women are here!

Too important to be left to men

Women have been at the forefront of computer science and electronic engineering from the outset. Does that surprise you? It shouldn't but if it does it's probably due in great part to the power of stereotypes. At the moment too many girls have been believing the stereotypes, which just leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy. Fortunately many ignore them and are continuing to be as successful as the women of history.

Here we celebrate some of the great women of the past, highlight the work of current top researchers and also profile some students who are set to continue the trend. Women may not always shout about their achievements, but boy do they do it well!

After all as leading computer scientist Karen Spärk-Jones said: "Computing's too important to be left to men".

Read lots of articles here or download the pdf of our annual on women in computing. Download the issue on Ada Lovelace. Download a women in computing poster

The Women are here

Women cover Women in Computing Booklet

What being a professional is really like

Shauna COnconnon The Real Pros

Films and Haptic Feedback

Women watched by man with gun Mood Glove


A bag with contents tipped out Smart bags

Electronic Circuitry

Pile of buttons Let buttons be buttons!

The movie star, the player piano and the torpedo

A woman with mobile phone and cityscape body Hedy Lamarr: her contribution to computing

Cryptography and Zero Knowledge Proofs

a vortex of books Shafi Goldwasser and Zero Knowledge

Women in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

Heartbeat EKG Sameena Shah: News from Twitter

Women in Software Engineering and Human Computer Interaction

Lemons Lemons Linking 41 Shades of Blue

The Woman of the Future?!?

Woman with lightbulb Were women really "epochs behind man"?

A gendered timeline of technology

Blue clocks Women have contributed more than you think

The Fittest Slogans Survive

Big fish eating smaller fish Creating slogans by natural selection

Killer robot? Evil scientist?! Helpless woman?!?

Digital Woman Women (and robots) in films

Engaging and Exciting Computing

Yvonne Rogers Interview with Yvonne Rogers

The Multi-Million Pound Greeting

www.jacquielawson.com Starting a business at 62

Learning to talk in nature's language

Iceberg Understanding life in the Antarctic

The devil is in the detail

Upset cow Lessons from animal welfare

Setting the bits free

Bits flying free from a cable Li Zhang and wireless networks

Frankenstein's monster

Cartoon of Frankenstein's Monster Mary Shelley and artificial life

The pen, the paper and the poet's daughter

A painting of Ada Ada Lovelace: the first programmer

Women are doin' it for themselves

Women graduating Students at CMU look after each other

Letting the music world know

A girl group Clare Hudson and In4merz