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Computer Science Fiction

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Everyone should love reading (and writing)!

Some of the best stories ever written have been science fiction (well we think so anyway). A lot of science fiction is space opera fare with spaceships and blasters. Some times writers go on flights of fancy, imagining futures that could never happen. Some has a deeper message though. The best stories are about real science and real computer science. They are not just fun to read but they make you think about the way the world is or the way society could be. In other stories you learn real science without realising it. We think there should be more stories like that. Here are some Computer Science short stories. Maybe you can do better

If you are a budding writer who also loves computing then write a short story that contains some real, fun computer science or computational thinking and send it to us. If we like it we will publish it here in our cs4fn short story collection. Email your short stories (up to 500 words) to cs4fn@eecs.qmul.ac.uk


A visit to the Turing Machine

An antique pocket watch sitting on a circuitboard Digital? Everything is analogue now!