Enter the maze

The Art of Computer Science and the Computer Science of Art

keyboard and paint palette

How are art and computer science related?

What is art? Something that makes us feel an emotion? An appealing way of arranging materials? Deviations from convention? Something that's pleasing to the eye? Whatever it is there are some more intriguing questions when we mix art and computer science. Can a computer create art, for example? What happens when artists learn some computer science and mix it with their art? Could a computer ever be called a work of art?

How ever you define it, creating an emotionally or intellectually engaging work of art requires innovation, creativity and imagination. It turns out that those qualities of an artist are good qualities for a computer scientist to have too. They help us to come up with new ways of doing things, or new things to do. Thinking like an artist can lead to new forms of engagement both with computers and even between humans.

Here we play with the relationship between art and computer science and explore how they creatively feed each other.

Computer science and the image

face&hand Being a creative computer scientist

Beauty beyond measure

mask The beautiful number

Back to the original

oldphoto Digitising photos

Sketching science

creature Creative note-making

Arabesque art

patchwork Programming art

Aaron and the art of art

keyboard Robot artists

Randomly rich art

fractal Rule-based art

Back in action

sodamodels Sodarace art

Artists in disguise

road Beams of light creating art