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Volunteering to write for cs4fn

Passing on the spark

Inspire school students by writing articles on computer science topics with fun offbeat twists. cs4fn (Computer Science for Fun) is an engagement project based at Queen Mary, University of London with an international reputation. has a magazine and webzine. It is distributed free twice a year to schools across the UK and has a global web-based following. cs4fn articles cover core computing topics, research, history and new technology and often have interdisciplinary themes...anything that excites us. All articles involve fun takes on the subject using surprising connections and intriguing stories.

When you come across some computer science that inspires you, write about it and send it to us. We will work with you to get it into cs4fn style if need be, then get it onto the cs4fn website and possibly a magazine.

If you are interested in writing then email cs4fn@eecs.qmul.ac.uk with subject line "Volunteering for cs4fn".