Enter the maze


A drawing in TuneTrace

We have created some classroom activites to use with the TuneTrace iPhone app, which was developed by members of the cs4fn team along with ImpactQM. We've created two lessons, both for secondary school age students. They are general enough that you could also adapt them for older or younger students.

Both of the activities include handouts for students and notes for teachers.

TuneTrace and the rules of programming

The first activity is aimed at younger classes – ages 13-16. It shows that drawing in TuneTrace is like programming. The computer converts instructions (your drawings) into executions (music).

TuneTrace – a question of chance

The second activity is aimed at older students – ages 16-18. It leads students on an investigation to discover whether TuneTrace obeys rules, or whether its results are random. This could lead on to discussions about the scientific method, or whether the universe itself is random!