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Become a cs4fn speaker giving school talks and shows

The title slide of the women in computing talk

Inspire school students spreading your enthusiasm for computer science by giving live interactive computer science shows. cs4fn (Computer Science for Fun) is an engagement project based at Queen Mary, University of London with an international reputation. We have developed an incredibly popular series of interactive shows that use ‘unplugged’ techniques, offbeat connections and intriguing stories to enthuse students about computing. We present these shows to thousands of students every year. Talks typically last 50-90 minutes, working across a range of age groups from 11 to 18. Topics include the cs4fn computer science magic show, artificial intelligence, women in computing and a talk on locked-in syndrome, searching and cyborgs.

cs4fn get a large number of requests for talks both in London and across the country, so if you volunteer then either you can arrange talks in your local schools, or we will point you to them. We provide the talks and may be able to give training; all you have to do is deliver it. Of course, after a while you can go off-piste and introduce your own variations in the talks or create your own. Each is a one-off commitment.

If you are interested in volunteering then email cs4fn@eecs.qmul.ac.uk with subject line "Volunteering for cs4fn".


cs4fn school talks and shows for school students are given for free to schools. Some schools may be able to pay expenses provided you have receipts. You will need to discuss this with the school themselves. We can only pay expenses for Queen Mary, University of London students and staff.

Disclosure and Barring Check

You will need both insurance and a Disclosure and Barring Check Certificate to go into schools. You will need to ensure you have this and show us the certificate for us to put you in touch with schools.