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The virtual way around the world

The Hull and Humber computer model

The sailing clipper Hull & Humber is, right now, coming to the end of a monumental voyage. Since September 2009 it’s been taking part in a round-the-world sailing race that has taken it over 35,000 miles. But at least one version of the Hull & Humber hasn’t gone anywhere at all. Researchers at the University of Hull have made a virtual 3D version of the boat, which lives in a special immersive environment on their campus. Visitors can put on special goggles that let them walk round the vessel in virtual reality.

The 3D model was made by scanning the entire boat with a laser, then turning the geometric data contained in the scan into a virtual copy. Having a digitised version of the Hull & Humber comes in handy, as it lets visitors do lots of things they wouldn’t be able to do to the boat in real life, like give it a personalised paint job and sails, and even captain it in a virtual clipper race! Want to know how the real Hull & Humber is getting on in its round-the-world adventure? Check out their webpage.