Enter the maze

The Sodarace project projects

Sodarace, the online Olympics where humans and artificial intelligence create and compete, has proved to be a fertile ground for student projects. Over the past few years groups of students have used Sodarace to develop new software as part of their degree studies, and have piloted these new software packages in schools to ensure that they were up to scratch. The students created a web site, Soda Learning, where you can explore the students projects from over the years, see a video of the software being used in schools, and download these computer packages for free.

This site also includes the popular artificial intelligence cartoon drawer Sodacartoon, that was so successful when it appeared at the Royal Society summer exhibition a few years back.

So why not click, explore and have fun [external].

The Sodarace UK tour You can also read more about the Sodarace national tour in the blogs on our Sodarace building partner Soda Creative's website [external]