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Strictly X-Factor: Making Judges to Plan

Kind Robot Judge

If you have been following the story so far then you will have seen how to create a plan with instructions for making robot X-factor judges. Those judges can be given different personalities, rude or supportive and make judgments about acts. So we have a plan, but how do we make robots from it?

Kind words for our contestants?

Suppose now we want to create a rude judge, called SimonCoward. We can use the plan. We need to say what its personality is (Judges just think of a mark when they actually see an act so we don't have to give a mark now.)

SimonCoward IS A NEW Judge WITH personality Rude.

This creates a new judge called SimonCoward and makes it Rude. We could similarly create a rude AnneDroid:

AnneDroid IS A NEW Judge WITH personality Rude. 

For a supportive judge that we decide to call SharONN we would just say:

SharONN IS A NEW Judge WITH personality Supportive. 

Whereas in the specification we are describing a plan to use to create a Judge, here we are actually using that plan and making different Judges. So this way we can quickly and easily make new judge clones without copying out all the description again.

A classless society?

Computer Scientists are lazy beings - if they can find a way to do something that involves less work, they do it, allowing them to stay in bed longer. The idea we have been using to save work here is just that of describing classes of things and their properties and behaviour. Scientists do that a lot:

Birds have feathers (a property) and lay eggs (a behaviour).
Spiders have eight legs (a property) and make silk (a behaviour).

We can say something is a particular instance of a class of thing and that tells us a lot about it without having to spell it all out each time (even for fictional ones): eg

Hedwig is a bird. (so feathers and eggs)
Charlotte is a spider. (so legs and silk)

So we can now create judges to our hearts content, fixing their personalities and putting the words in their mouths based on our single description of what a Judge is.

All Change

We have specified what it means to be a robotic judge and we've only had to specify the basics of Judgeness once to do it. That means that if we decide to change anything in the basic judge (like giving them a better way to come up with a mark than randomly or having them choose things to say from a big database of supportive or rude comments) changing it in the plan will apply to all the judges of whatever kind.

But I want Exterminator judges?