Enter the maze

Time travel

Knight's gear

You are going to travel in time and predict the future. You need to create a secret 'random' target year, so get a friend to secretly write down any three-digit number. To make it 'harder' you say the digits must all be different and the biggest digit must be at the front. You say it's still too easy. Now you want them to jumble things up a bit, get them to reverse their selected number and write it underneath and, finally to make it even harder still have them subtract the lower number from the higher. You now have a random number even your friend couldn’t have predicted, but you can!

You concentrate. The future is getting a bit clearer...the answer has a '9' in the middle. Yes you're right, but there is more to come. As you 'tune your mind' more, get them to challenge you further and reverse the numbers in this answer then add the two numbers. Even before they have finished the addition your mind has been able to 'jump the time curves' and predict the total is now written into the crystal ball.