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cs4fn Magazine+: Issue 19: Touch it, feel it, hear it!

ISSN 1754-3657 (Print)

ISSN 1754-3665 (Online)

This issue is devoted to multimodal design, showcasing technology designed to help us experience the world using computers, but through more than one sense at once. Multimodal design is also a great way to support people with limited senses who can't hear, or see, or smell, or taste or touch. Some people find lots of sounds, sights, textures, tastes just too much, and we look at how computer science might one day help them too.

With the HapticWave you can hear and feel a sound wave, with the oPhone you smell a coffee and see a coffee even when there's no coffee anywhere near, the baby birthing monitor lets mums know when to push based on a beep and a graph. We focus on a research project called DePIC ('Design Patterns for Inclusive Collaboration') that is looking for the best ways of using combinations of senses. It is finding the best ways to help people with different senses available work together.

A pdf version is available to download for free.

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cs4fn issue 19 is edited by Paul Curzon, Jane Waite and Peter McOwan. All authors of this issue are members of Queen Mary University of London. EPSRC supported this issue through DePIC on research grants (EP/J017205/1 and EP/J018120/1): see depic.eecs.qmul.ac.uk. It was also supported by the Mayor of London and Department for Education. cs4fn is a partner on the BBC's Make It Digital Programme. Clapping Music was funded by NESTA. cs4fn is supported by Google. Spring 2015.

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