Enter the maze

cs4fn Magazine+: Issue 18: can machines be creative?

ISSN 1754-3657 (Print)

ISSN 1754-3665 (Online)

A pdf version is available.

cs4fn issue 18 was edited by Paul Curzon, Jo Brodie and Peter W. McOwan of Queen Mary University of London. Ursula Martin, Bernard Sufrin and Peter Millican of Oxford University gave valuable input. This issue and/or the research in it has been supported by the projects: CONACYT-México, project number 181561, WHIM (611560), Lrn2Cr8 (610859), ConCreTe (611733), PROSECCO (600653) and COINVENT (611553) funded by the European Commission, Framework Program 7, the ICT theme, and the Future and Emerging Technologies FET program. It has also been supported by the Department of Education, Mayor of London through Teaching London Computing and Google. Autumn 2014.

Issue 18 of the cs4fn magazine directs you to the web site for more on various articles. Find the linked articles below.