Enter the maze

Spring/Summer 2006 Limerick Competition

quill and ink

Back in the Spring we posted the following first line of a limerick and challenged you to complete it.

An avatar went for a stroll, ...

Here is the one we decided we like best:

An avatar went for a stroll
(And this avatar looked like a troll).
He encountered a rabbit,
And proceded to stab it.
He forgot it was only a role.
- Sid

Two others were specially commended by the judges:

An avatar went for a stroll
To Latin America was the goal
It was turned around
When it was found
It wasn't programmed to speak Espanol
- Thor Hempel

An avatar went for a stroll,
In search of an analog soul;
An ectopic aura,
Quite filled him with horror,
Yet left him most odddly unwhole.
- WM Paul Mitchell

Other limericks are scattered around the cs4fn web pages in appropriate places...You have to find them...