Enter the maze

Autumn 2005/Winter 2006 Limerick Competition

quill and ink

At the start of the autumn we posted the following first line of a limerick and challenged you to complete it.

A computer was heard to complain, ...

Here is the one we decided we like best:

A computer was heard to complain,
I find factoring letters a strain;
It's all 1s and 0s,
I rank as my heroes;
Ran his oftly repeated refrain.
- Paul Mitchell, Florida, USA

One other was specially commended by the judges:

A computer was heard to complain
"You might think you alone hold domain
O'er original thinking
Not the case" it said, winking,
"Though you're right, I am much more left brain"
- Alec Kitson (Costa Rica and Canada, ex-Brit)

We are going to scatter others that we liked around the cs4fn web pages in appropriate places...You have to find them...Thanks to Terry Wilson, Thor, Paul Walters and Jack Rothwell.