Enter the maze

The Future Human Competition Winner

The embedded computer human?

The following vision of the future was researched by Ben Stansfield, age 13 of Bablake School, Coventry. He took up our future human challenge, 2006, winning the first prize of a £25 book voucher for himself and also £100 for his school.

The Future Human Lifestyle

I think the future human lifestyle will be a lot more advanced than it is now. With bird flu spreading over Europe I am sure that there are a lot more diseases that we have not discovered yet. So I thought if people invented a chip that you could implant into your body that could sense if you had a disease or a problem in your body, when the chip detected the problem it would tell you, texting you mobile telling you what disease you have and what to do about it. The chip would give you an antidote or something that would help you until you go to the doctors. The chip could also be used if you were in a fire. It would detect that the body heat was going up and would alert the fire department and tell them where you are.

A lot of houses are broken into these days but in the future instead of keys, a scanner will be put outside and when the owners approach the house it would scan your body and detect if you are the owner of the house. Also if a window is broken by a robber the house would detect it and put a metal covering over each of the windows in the house.

These days people hate doing the washing up, taking the bins out and cleaning the house but in the future the bins will know the days that the bin men come round and on those days the bins will take themselves out. The dishes will wash themselves up when you are finished eating on them and when the house gets dusty or you spill something the house will release mini robots which will clean the house and get out the stains.

In the busy life of today people always lose their mobile phones, but in the future you will be implanted with a phone chip which when you what to speak all you say is "Phone mum" and the chip will phone your mum and all you will have to do is to speak normally and your mum will hear you. This means that you will never lose your phone again.