Enter the maze


In the age of the web, how do you market a new film? How about show a short promo for it in cinemas that doesn't bother to give its title or even any idea of the plot... Instead just give the release date. Then set up a website containing a few images using the release date as the web address. Sound like madness? It's just the most recent viral marketing campaign of course. The idea is to spread the message about the film a bit like a computer virus. Set the ball rolling and let everyone whip themselves up into a frenzy solving the "mystery" and passing it on for you. Is it a Godzilla film, or maybe H.P.Lovecraft? Fan websites and discussion groups follow. People tell their friends about it...and after that first ad your marketing campaign is all for free.

Of course it could just be a big misunderstanding. Maybe the name of the film is actually 01-18-08 like it says on the poster...or did I just join the frenzy...

Just have to hope the film is up to our self-created hype when it does finally appear!