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Entry form for the GeomLab 2006/7 Competition

Use this form to submit your finalised entry for the 2006/7 "GeomLab" competition. We advise you prepare your entry elsewhere, then when you are completely happy with it, cut and paste the text into the form below. Only then hit submit.

You must submit 3 files for each picture you enter: a single GeomLab picture file (.png file) of your picture, the saved session file (.gls file) that created it, and a text file (.txt file) containing the series of commands you typed into GeomLab to create it. The first two files should be saved directly from the GeomLab session using File-Save Picture and File-Save Session, respectively. The latter should just be your record of what you typed into GeomLab.

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Check your entry before hitting submit. When you hit submit, your entry will be sent to us and you will not then be able to change it. You will be sent an email showing you your entry as we have recorded it. Good luck. Back to the competition without submitting an entry