Enter the maze

The FUNdamentals of Careers

(or what to do with the rest of your life)

If you took Medicine at University would you expect the job at the end would be just to push trolleys around a hospital?

If you studied Law would you expect to get a job doing the filing?

What will YOU create?

I imagine you think both sound ludicrous ideas. You go to medical school to become a GP or a consultant. You do Law to become a Solicitor or Barrister. Weirdly though, lots of people do think that a computer science degree leads to a career manning an IT help desk, or an electronic engineering degree leads to jobs rewiring houses.

Just like Law and Medicine, Computer Science and Engineering graduates go on to get graduate jobs - exciting jobs, being creative, part of teams developing new generations of computer based gadgets ... inventing new generations of applications...seeing problems and building solutions.

How come computer games get more realistic and exciting each year? How come film special effects become more real. How come there are ever more sophisticated mobile phones? How come you can search the whole vastness of the Internet in a blink?

All of those things become everyday reality because of computer scientists and electronic engineers. The jobs are out there, what is in short supply are the people with the skills...the people with Computer Science and Electronic Engineering degrees. Why not join those of us who are doing a job that they really, really enjoy?

Watch this space for more on the kind of fun career you could have.