Enter the maze

Monsters on the cards

The Head of a Dragon

Sony, the makers of PS3 (play station 3) are planning to shoot card games into the imaginary world of virtual reality in their game 'The Eye of Judgement'. They are rethinking the classic game Top Trumps. In Top Trumps each player is dealt a hand of cards. Each card carries a summary of say the performance of a car, or the superpowers of a monster. The player selects a card to play, and the others need to play a better card than everyone else to win the hand. Now with the use of some clever computer graphics and computer vision the PS3 will be able to recognise the card you are playing and create the creature on the screen. So instead of just playing the card to win, the creatures on the cards will be brought to life and fight on the screen until one stands victorious. This idea of joining physical things like cards with imaginary virtual things that are computer generated is called augmented reality, and could prove to be the next monster hit for PS3 gaming.