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Classroom Activities

Eye neuron card: A prop from the Brain-in-abag activity

The cs4fn team do a range of talks and activities. As with our writing they take a fun offbeat approach to the subject and are embedded in research activity. (Oh, and we tend to prefer rope and tube technology over silicon for our activities.)

We are giving live talks about our approach to teaching computer science in conjunction with Google in their CS on AIr series using Google Hangouts. The videos are available online.

We have written many of the activities up so that you can pick them up and use them in the classroom. We have used them in workshops styles and (more commonly) as part of interactive lectures. For example several of the Artificial Intelligence activities form a 90 minute schools lecture we have given to several thousand students of ages from 8 to 18 over the past few years. Our main aim has been to enthuse students about computer science and show how it differs to school ICT. We've therefore given these talks as part of General Studies classes, ICT classes, to whole year groups as a 'special', to ICT classes, to gifted and talented groups, to Psychology classes, ...

We are currently working with the computing at schools group to create a version that is linked to the national curriculum and suitable for teachers to deliver at KS3. Watch this space.

If you try out any of these activities, please let us know how it went by emailing us or filling out the form on the "Contact Us" part of the site (see the lefthand panel).