Enter the maze


cs4fn was created by the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London and gained major funding from EPSRC. The project is in partnership with other public bodies, the computing industry and other Universities who are also passionate about computer science.

We have been involved with the UK Computing at School group (CAS) from its inception and are a Friend of CAS.

We are a partner on the BBC's Make it Digital Programme

Main Funding Partners

We have been given significant financial support from

Research Project Partners

We have worked closely with and/or been given major financial support by a series of research ad public engagement projects, much of it funded by EPSRC including:

Much of the UK research described such as CHI+MED and are funded by EPSRC.

University and College Partners: UK

University and College Partners: Europe

University and College Partners: North America

Industrial Partners

In addition to major support Google over many years we have also received support from:

Public Body Partners

We have also worked with:

The Royal Society have also kindly allowed us to use images from their image library. FutureLab have also similarly allowed us to use images related to the projects they fund.