The cs4fn Maze

The cs4fn pages are linked together using a hyperlink maze metaphor. Somewhere out there is the middle of the maze. Can you get to it by navigating through the cs4fn pages? Just like a real maze you can ignore the interesting things you pass that live in the maze and just try and head for the centre as fast as you can ... or you can take your time and enjoy the things you see along the way.

The new Hampton Court Maze

There are now two mazes. The original and a new Hampton Court maze. It links together a section of our favourite 2007 cs4fn articles. It is modelled on the real Hampton Court Maze. If you draw a map as you go along, you will end up with a map that will get you to the centre of the real Hampton Court Maze too. The kind of map you need is what a computer scientist calls a 'graph'. You should only include the essentials - draw a dot (a 'node') for each decision point and straight lines ('edges') between them to show how they connect together. Alternatively, you could use the Hampton Court maze itself as a map of our Maze... or even just wander aimlessly ... whichever you think most fun.

image of a maze

The maze links are at the bottom of each page. Click on the maze logo at the top to get you there quickly.

There is even a way that you can teleport straight into the middle. But of course that's no fun at all, so what would be the point?

Unlike a real maze this one may change from one week to the next - we can easily add new bits and cut new doorways through the hedges. The centre might even move if we are feeling that way inclined. Come back next month and the maze may look familiar but it may not be the same!

The Hampton Court Maze

The maze

The entrance is through an archway in the hedge

The Old Maze

The maze

The entrance is through an intricately carved doorway