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Mathemagic: the Magic of Computer Science

Pick a card, any card!

How often have you heard magicians say that? The normal routine is that you pick a card, the magician shuffles the deck, and abracadabra, reveals your chosen card. But behind this magic often lies some interesting maths and computer science...

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You will learn how to do a bunch of tricks. It isn't just magic though. All the tricks have links to computer science - and not just because of high technology. In fact high technology hardly comes in to our magic shows at all, though yesterday's magic often becomes today's technology. It is then taken for granted as the magic seeps away.

Below, are some variations on the magic book tricks as well as some completely new tricks. Have fun!!


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Mind Reading

Mathemagic The Kruskal Count

The Magic of MP3

Mathemagic Sonic Sleight of Hand

More Lightening Maths

Mathemagic The fast fives

Carry on Conjuring

Mathemagic Your card is...

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