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Wearable Computers: a fashion statement?

On the Catwalk

You can actually wear a computer today if you want to. You can buy a pair of eyeglasses that look like ski goggles and act as a monitor, and a hard disk drive. They have a wireless connection to the eyeglasses that you can strap on your wrist. It's been suggested that using these sorts of technologies can record everything we see. Sort of like your own personal aeroplane black box, so you'll never forget those fascinating memories of a rainy day at the shops. Whether we would want to do this is another matter! We also might not want to wander around with 'bits of computers' visibly hanging on us. Of course for some it will be a cool look but for others a fashion no-no. So the technology is now moving way past this crude showy 'bolt on' approach to produce rather cunning smart clothes

Catwalk comment: a little too much bulky Borg this year