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The Perception Deception: maths made optical illusions

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When Seeing Isn't Believing

Illusions are surprising, fun, mind boggling...but better still they can help us solve a major scientific challenge: how do we turn all the information in the light falling on our eyes into the illusion of reality? How do we see? How do we make computers see?


Psychologists, Mathematicians and Computer Scientists are working together on this major scientific challenge. Find out more in our magazine special issue on the Science of Illusions ...or read it all online.

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Insect Vision

Insect Vision on Computer Commin to get ya!

Theatre Illusions

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Optical Illusions

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The Perception Deception appeared at The Royal Society Summer Exhibition, 2007. It was supported by RCUK and EPSRC and features the work of Professor Peter W. McOwan from the Department of Computer Science, Queen Mary, University of London and Professor Alan Johnston from the Department of Psychology, University College London.