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cs4fn Magazine+: Issue 24: Cyber Security and Privacy

ISSN 1754-3657 (Print)

ISSN 1754-3665 (Online)

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The articles

Contactless Card Security & Relay Attacks

Credit card in back pocket i-Pickpocket

DNA attacks and Buffer Overflow


Understanding hackers

honey streaming on to a spoon The Cyber-Security Honeypot

A short story about Phishing

a path through a forest You are what you know

Privacy and Metadata

cat face I know where your cat lives

Privacy and Phone Metadata

cat face Track Malte Spitze [EXTERNAL]

Privacy and Personal Data

crystal ball Crystal ball coupons

Privacy and Databox

databox logo Keeping a lid on your data

Cybersecurity at the Movies

Rogue One poster Rogue one Authentication

Mentalism Magic and Binary

male mentalist Just Between the two of us

More Mentalism Magic

female mentalist Cards on your mind

Yet More Mentalism Magic and Computing

female mentalist Mentalism Portal

History, Ciphers, steganography and Binary

writing in old book Hiding in Elizabethan Binary

History, Ciphers and steganography

writing in old book A poem to contemplate

History, Ciphers and Steganography

writing in old book Bacon the Polymath

Spear Phishing and Man-in-the-middle attacks

Wifi pirates flag Piracy on the open Wi-fi


keyboard controling world Wannacry

Passwords and Entropy

cartoon: Randall Munroe, xkcd.com https://xkcd.com/936 - reprinted under a CC Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License Password Strength

Face Recognition and Privacy

A gridded face How to Vanish

GPS Security

a satellite Pokemon Lost

Technology in the Home

a child asleep Back (page) under the duvet

cs4fn is edited by Paul Curzon, Peter McOwan, Jane Waite and Jo Brodie of Queen Mary University of London. Sue White has been a wonderful proof reader from the very first issue. This issue has been supported by the Mayor of London through LSEF project teachinglondoncomputing.org and the CAS Network of Excellence funded by the Department for Education. Autumn 2017.