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A history of computing

Computer Science may seem like a very new science but it has a fascinating history and has been around longer than you might think. In fact computational ways of thinking existed long before modern computers had been invented (you could call it computing without computers!)

The first working computers as we recognize them now were made towards the end of the second world war as a result of the need to do code-cracking. Pioneers such as Al-Khwarizmi, Ada Lovelace and George Boole introduced new ways of thinking long before that, all of which were key to the development of the modern computers that we use today. It's often thought as a male dominated subject but women have been a part of the history throughout.

Here we tell some of those stories from the history of computing, the characters and events that form the background to a change in the way we live our lives that we all now take for granted.

A gendered timeline of technology

clock A quick rundown of past events

Sorry to bug you

moth Grace Hopper

Back to the future

clock Predictive bloopers

Back to Life

eggs Great inventions

Was the first computer a 'Bombe'?

bombe Breaking the Enigma

Would Da Vinci code?

eye Da Vinci and Science

Hooke and Newton in Sodarace

slinky Hooke vs Newton

The beheading of Mary Queen of Scots

topsecret A puzzle, spies... and a beheading

Hooke, Laws, Walking Carts and Fleas

hookedrawing Hooked on science

What was the first computer?

colossus Who built the first modern computer?

The first database

servers Etymologiae

A brief history of the digital revolution

processor Part 2: they're everywhere!

A brief history of the digital revolution

nasacomp Part 1: from birth to the moon

Saving Bletchley Park

house Cracking WW2

Frankenstein's Monster

monster It's Alive!

Who invented the light bulb?

lightbulb Looking for evidence