Enter the maze

Going green with computers


Computer sciece and the environment

We worry lots about the environment and whether the things we do are making things worse. To help, we recycle our waste, try and reduce the amount of electricity we use and reduce our carbon emissions. After all no one wants the planet to end up as a barren wasteland like in 'The Book of Eli'.

But what about our love of gadgets. Is technology making things better or worse, and how can computer science help? Can we measure how much we affect the environment? What methods can we use to observe how our environment is gradually changing? Can we find new ways to help preserve the environment? This is where the computer science and the resulting technology come in.

A different kind of airbrushing

circles Clearing pollution in a room

Robots and the environment

Bee Eco Warier Drone Bees

Is the grass always greener?

sheep Seeds and climate research

Go fly a kite

kites Using wind energy

Wallace and Gromit go easy on the Earth

gromit Digital photography helping the environment

Changing the face of the Earth

cliff Origins of our continents

A tornado in Texas

tornado Weather, climate and chaos

Plug your energy leaks

plug Detect power usage

A mob for the Earth

carrot Using flashmobs

A wild way to escape diseases

biohazard Avoiding diseases through conservation

The eye of the storm

storm Viewing storms from above

Brain power

lightbulb Brain efficiency