Enter the maze

The Earth issue

a leaf with veins in the pattern of a circuitboard

After our last issue’s flight into space, it’s time to look a bit closer to home. Protecting our planet is now a part of everyone’s life, and that responsibility includes computer scientists. Fortunately, they’re more than ready to take it on. Computer science is about solving problems, and doing it in the most efficient way possible. Helping out, and cutting down on waste: does that sound like the sort of thinking the Earth needs?

That’s not the only thing that computer science is good and green for though. In this issue you’ll read about how computers can help scientists figure out what our climate will be like in the future, and you’ll see how robots are helping to clean up nuclear waste. Plus there’s the story of how technology brought together a mob of people to do a good deed for the Earth.

Explore this issue and find out how computers can help our planet. Have fun.