Enter the maze

Now you see it, now you don't: Sodarace goes undercover

Sodacreatures in a forest

A new gaming and learning idea for Sodarace has been created by Queen Mary Computer Science students Nivethanan Arunasalam and Issac Babalola. Their software lets you play with sodacreatures in ways you've never been able to before and introduces a new challenge. Now you have to save your sodacreature from the nasty AI predator that's out to get it.

You can try the new camouflage software out on the Sodarace website, where you'll find heaps of new features too.

Want to explore how camouflage works?

Fun to play and fun to learn too, Soda Crossbreed & Camouflage Box is a online application that allows users to select two sodarace creatures to cross breed with one another. They form a new creature that the user will then need to save by camouflaging it from an artificial predator.

Take your sodacreature and put it in a photograph

You've spent ages creating your favourite sodacreature. Now using this software you can add it into a picture of your front room, or have dainty walker at a football match. The possibilities are endless. You can even colour your creatures if you fancy. All you need is a photo, a creature and the new software.

Sodarace is on Facebook too

Sodacreatures get everywhere, and you can post your pictures wherever you fancy. There is even a Facebook group for you to discuss everything about sodaconstructor and Sodarace. See the Crossbreed & Camouflage Box website for more details.