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Cryptography and Code Breaking

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Keeping secrets

Keeping important information secret is key for many areas of life whether research, banking, health services, military operations or just browsing the web. Weak protection can be disasterous: whether its a group of hackers gaining access to 100 million users' personal information, patients private health records being made public, losing a world war or having your head chopped off... And how on earth can electronic money possibly work when you can just copy anything thats digital - why doesn't that mean everyone can copy digital money?

In this section we will explore the importance of cryptography, its history and its role in keeping your secrets secret. Watch this space.

The beheading of Mary Queen of Scots

topsecret A puzzle, spies... and a beheading

A code breaking puzzle

scrabble A code crossword

Was the first computer a 'Bombe'?

thebombe Breaking the Enigma

What was the first computer?

colossus Who built the first modern computer?

How a CS undergraduate changed the world

thebombe Sharing keys