Enter the maze

Robots making faces

Programming isn't as hard as you might think. Have a go at programming our robot's face so that she reacts to sound.

You can think of each part of her face like the left eye is an "object" that can be programmed separately. Each is programmed separately using rules like "If you hear an angry sound then close your left eye". To do the programming just choose the picture that fits what you want the face to do for each of the eyes, eyebrows and top and bottom of the mouth. Then click on the sound you want the robot to react to and see the face show the emotion you programmed. Not quite right? Then just go back and adjust the rules.

You can read about the little robot that inspired this face here as well of seeing a video of it in action.

Happy Programming

If you want to play with the face offline then you can download this "jar" version to run on your computer

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