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Peter W McOwan's Students' Projects

Serious Fun

Peter McOwan's research focussed on biologically-inspired computing and robotics. He inspired many undergraduate and masters students not least in the projects he supervised in the topics he loved. Many went on to do Phds or work for big city companies. Above all the projects he supervised were always intriguing, thought-provoking fun.

Issue 26 of the cs4fn magazine was on Peter's work. You can download the pdf from here.

Some of Peter's students' projects

Supporting Biologists

A Bee Samia: As easy as a bee sees?

Human-Robot Interaction

 Zabir: Blade the emotional robot

Modelling biology

Iris Naresh: Synthetic Iris

Robots and ExoSkeletons

Robot Fencing Ahmed: Robot Fencing

Design for All

The Sign Language Tutor Lila: Sign Langugae