Enter the maze

Find a hidden hoard with satellite help

a pair of hands holds a geocaching info sheet

It’s really easy to get started with geocaching, the tech-head treasure hunt beloved of geomappers like the ones Andy Broomfield met. Loads of people have already hidden secret deposits around the world, and all you have to do is find them – they’re all listed online at geocaching.com. There are so many lurking outdoors that there might be one near you right now. One cs4fn staffer found out that there was a geocache only a few minutes’ walk from his office! Most people use GPS devices to find them, and some people even swipe the satnavs out of their cars to go hunting with. If your mobile is swish enough to have GPS on it you can download a free geocaching application from geocachenavigator.com. But you don’t necessarily need a GPS unit – the geocaching website even has its treasures listed on Google Maps.

Image credit: Evelyn Symons