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cs4fn Magazine+: Issue 25: Technology worn out (and about): Wearable Computing

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The articles

Films and Haptic Feedback

Women watched by man with gun Mood Glove


A bag with contents tipped out Smart bags

Wearable Healthcare

Red fire tattoo Sick tattoos

Smart Contact Lenses

Close up of eye with cityscape in it One in the eye for wearable tech

Gestural Interfaces

Ring of fire Ringing the changes

Powered Exoskeletons

Blue beetle A wearable robot

Augmented Reality and Autism

Girl wearing glasses Emotional glasses

Electronic Circuitry

Pile of buttons Let buttons be buttons!

More on ...

a cyber hand Wearable computing

cs4fn is edited by Paul Curzon, Peter McOwan, Sue White, Jane Waite and Jo Brodie of Queen Mary University of London. Autumn 2018. cs4fn is funded by the Institute of Coding. King’s College London also provided financial support for this issue.

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