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cs4fn Magazine+: Issue 23: The Women are (still) here

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ISSN 1754-3665 (Online)

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Issue 23 of the cs4fn magazine directs you to the web site for more on various articles. Find all the articles as well as linked extras below.

The articles

Ada and a magic square trick

Ada Magic Squares Hear and ... their magic square

Women in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

Heartbeat EKG Sameena Shah: News from Twitter

Women in Ubiquitous Computing

Conference room chairs Your Chair is Watching You

Women Modelling Cell Biology

Colourful cancer cells Executable Biology

Women in Swarm Engineering

A murmuration of Starlings Sabine Hauert: Swarm Engineer

Women and Cyber Security

Cows in a field Felony Fighting Females

Women in Computing / Architecture

Cows in a field Sophie Wilson: Where would feeding cows take you?

Women in Machine Learning

Hand gestures Machines Inventing Musical Instruments

Women in Computer Music

purple musical notes Just Sublime!

Women in Computer Vision

A wire mesh face Lourdes Agapito: 3D models in motion

Women in Astronomy and Computing

Star exploding The Life of a Star

What being a professional is really like

Shauna COnconnon The Real Pros

Women in Digital Signal Processing

Heartbeat EKG Ingrid Daubechies: wiggly lines helping catch crime

Women in Space Exploration

full moon Hidden Figures

Women in Human-Human Interaction

Cocktail glasses Kavin Narasimhan: Understanding Parties

The movie star, the player piano and the torpedo

A woman with mobile phone and cityscape body Hedy Lamarr: her contribution to computing

Women in Software Engineering

Lemons Lemons Linking 41 Shades of Blue

cs4fn is edited by Paul Curzon and Peter McOwan of Queen Mary University of London, with help from Jo Brodie, Jane Waite and Sue White. This issue has been supported by the Mayor of London through LSEF project teachinglondoncomputing.org and the CAS Network of Excellence funded by the Department for Education. Spring 2017. Cropped image of Rebecca Stewart copyright Thomas Bonte, CC BY 2.0