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cs4fn Magazine+: Issue 22: Creative Computing

ISSN 1754-3657 (Print)

ISSN 1754-3665 (Online)

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Issue 22 of the cs4fn magazine directs you to the web site for more on various articles. Find all the articles as well as linked extras below.

The articles

The Fittest Slogans Survive

Big fish eating smaller fish Creating slogans by natural selection

The movie star, the player piano and the torpedo

A woman with mobile phone and cityscape body Hedy Lamarr: her contribution to computing

Duplicating Dynamo's domino demonstration

Dominos Magic with dominos and reskinning code

I wandered lonely as a mass of dejected vapour

A fluffy cloud Computers as poets

Solving problems you care about

A red bus headlight School students work with physical computing

cs4fn is edited by Paul Curzon and Peter McOwan of Queen Mary University of London, with help from Jo Brodie, Jane Waite and Sue White. This issue has been supported by the EU projects: ConCreTe (611733), Lrn2Cr8 (610859), WHIM (611560), PROSECCO (600653) and COINVENT (611553) funded by the European Commission, Framework Program 7, the ICT theme, and the Future and Emerging Technologies FET program. It has also been supported by the Mayor of London through LSEF project teachinglondoncomputing.org and the CAS Network of Excellence funded by the Department for Education. Autumn 2016.