Enter the maze


attacking aliens in a game

Play to win

Sometimes the best way to learn how computers work is with a game. Lots of computational mysteries depend on cracking a code or having an unbeatable strategy. Now instead of reading about other people's solutions to these mysteries you can discover them for yourself! It's more fun that way.

On this page we've collected all the interactive stuff you'll find on cs4fn. Find a clever way to get inside a pirate's treasure, use algorithms to fix some dodgy plumbing and be part of an experiment with hostile aliens. Plus there's other fun games involving not just computers but hamsters, playing cards and cabbages.

All the games you find here will give you a peek into the principles that are part of every computer. Have a go and see which ones you can win!

The games


some bingo balls The swap puzzle

A mind-reading computer

playing cards The 21-card trick

Lockpicking pirate-style

a treasure chest Dead man's chest

Binary with rodents

two hamsters Play hamster Nim

Be part of an experiment

an alien saucer Pilot error and Space Invaders

Can computers get laughs?

a cabbage The joke Turing test