Enter the maze

The FUNdamentals of Computer Science

What is Computer Science?

Hand in the flow of Data

Computer Science - isnt that just ICT? Err, no. Common mistake, but no. Very little to do with it. It's far more creative, more innovative, more challenging...more fun.

Of course before you can do the complicated stuff you have to master the core subject. Until you've done it it's not clear what you're letting yourself in for.

So here is a fun, interactive cs4fn glimpse of what some of the core subjects you are likely to study are about (wherever you choose to study). We will be adding more through the summer.

We start with some Queen Mary student projects so you can see where it is all leading - and what students were able to do before the end of their courses. We then give a fun, interactive glimpse of what the core subjects you are likely to study are about.

So what is it all about?

Student Projects

An emotional Robot Show what you can do!

Computers and Society

CD Burning Who decides the future?

Software Engineering

Hi-tech Workers on a gantry Avoiding Messing Up

What is the most vital skill of the 21st century?