Enter the maze

cs4fn Annual+: Issue 2

ISSN 1756-1868 (Print)

ISSN 1756-1876 (Online)

The second issue of the cs4fn annual focusses on female computer scientists and electronic engineers: those that shaped the subject, current leaders of the field and students. It combines some of the best of the first five years of the magazine with the best of the web as well as some all new articles. Every article is about the work of women. A pdf version is available for download.

Too important to be left to men

The woman of the future

A gendered timeline of technology

Using the Dark Side

How to win love by not playing it cool

Predicting Cancer Cures

The pen, the paper and the poet's daughter

Frankenstein's monster

Cognitive crash dummies

Sorry to bug you

The Multi-Million Pound Greeting

Future Friendly

Power Play

As easy as a bee sees


The optical pony express

Setting the bits free

Synthetic Speech

Saving Bletchley Park

My First Signs

Juggling Priorities

Killer robot? Evil scientist?! Helpless woman?!?

The real pros

Knitters and coders

Smart Translation

Rebel with a cause

Die another day

If you go down to the woods...

Engaging and Exciting Computing

Byzantine birthdays

Lucky History

Cold Hard Complexity: Learning to talk in nature's language

Under Pressure

Making sense of squishiness

Arabesque art

Playing the weighting game

Inspiring Wendy Hall

Sisters are doin' it for themselves

Saving the Iberian Lynx

Don't press that button

How a computer scientist organised her wedding

Proof without words

Designing an innovative radio

Out of this world