Humans vs. machine intelligence has been the stuff of many a good Hollywood movie. Sodarace gives you the chance to play with the ideas for yourself ... along with thousands of others. Will you be able to create a creature that out runs those designed by others on the net ... and if you can how about beating those created by machines using Artificial Intelligence.

Sodarace logo

Sodarace is a joint effort between the Queen Mary Department of Computer Science and London based digital arts company Soda Creative Ltd. It allows humans worldwide to pit their wits against machine intelligence in an online Olympics. Humans, and artificial intelligence computer programs, use the free BAFTA winning online Sodaplay constructor kit at to create lifelike virtual racers out of masses and springs to race over terrains.

Using the tutorial websites and forum pages you can join the worldwide Sodarace community and learn how to build racers yourself, or try your hand at writing artificial intelligence programmes to beat your friends.

Enjoy a day at the Sodaraces and play with the limitless possibilities in creative art and science that Sodarace allows.