Enter the maze

Future Human Competition, 2006

Congratulations to Ben Stansfield of Bablake School, Coventry. He took up our future human challenge, 2006, winning the first prize of a £25 book voucher for himself and also £100 for his school. Read his winning entry.

The Future Human?

The challenge undertaken:

Your mission is to design the human lifestyle of the future. As new technologies are developed, computer science changes the way we live our lives; imagine if you didn't have your mobile phone or the Internet? That is the world of less than 50 years ago. There are research projects going on throughout the world today looking at how to build computers into our clothes and furniture, even into trashcans. There is even work on connecting computer systems directly to our brains and bodies, to help restore sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf and even some attempts to give humans extra senses such as ultrasonics. Using the Internet as a research tool and your imagination you should attempt to predict how the human of 50 years from now will look, communicate, work, play and live.

You must base your predictions on actual computer science projects currently underway.

A team from Sir George Monoux and Leyton Sixth Form Colleges were winners of the previous Queen Mary, Winter School 2005 Team competition with their Future Human Design. We are also running a separate vote on what will disappear...Why not join the vote.