You've had your Chips Mr Bond

a film strip

In the 1985 James Bond film 'View to a Kill' starring Roger Moore, and Christopher Walken, the evil industrialist Max Zorin tries to trigger an earthquake to destroy Silicon Valley in California. Why? Well Silicon Valley is where the US main microchip manufacturers and designers are based, and Zorin has a big pile of microchips, which he can sell when Silicon Valley is flooded out. Sadly there are many other places in the world that manufacture microprocessors, Silicon Glen in Scotland being an example, and the idea that you could simply supply all the world's computer manufacturers from some big boxes of old microchips you had in your store room is a little unrealistic. Better to build a hideout in a volcano and use a rogue rocket to swallow spaceships to start a world war. Luckily James Bond managed to drop him out of a blimp and off the Golden Gate Bridge before he realised just how embarrassingly silly his plan was.