Sandra Bullock phone home

a film strip

In The Net (1995) Sandra Bullock plays a software engineer who becomes embroiled in a web of computer espionage and discovers the Praetorian organisation are trying to take over the world. When she is searching for Praetorian, she enters the IP address: 24.75.345.200. An IP address is the unique number given to each computer on the Internet. It is like that computer's 'phone number'. However as a good computer scientist will point out this address for the sinister organisation would be impossible on the Internet because no IP address can contain a number greater than 255. Computers like numbers from 0-255, as this range can be held in a single computer Byte (that is 8 binary 1's and 0's). But if you're a sinister organisation taking over the world you would expect to have a sinister IP address, just a shame no one could call you.