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Computer Science for Fun - cs4fn: Can a robot be a scientist?*
... was lurking in the question all along. The argument that computers can’t orginate anything was first made by the very first computer programmer, Ada Lovelace. Adam’s creators acknowledge this argument, but insist there’s no doubt that new knowledge is being discovered, even if it’s being automatically ... 03/25/23, 11440 bytes
Computer Science for Fun - cs4fn: Back (page) in the day*
... : computers need people too MORE COMPUTING HISTORY Claude Shannon: inventing for the fun of it Who invented the light bulb? Looking for evidence Ada Lovelace: the pen, the paper and the poet's daughter SHARE THIS ON...   Queen Mary, University of London © Queen Mary, University of London 2005-2011 ... 03/25/23, 12423 bytes
Computer Science for Fun - cs4fn: Computational Thinking: Puzzling Tours*
... to do with computational thinking by downloading the cs4fn booklet, 'Computational Thinking: Puzzling Tours'. DOWNLOADS Download the magazine on Ada Lovelace Download a booklet about puzzles, graphs and computer science SHARE THIS ON...   Queen Mary, University of London © Queen Mary, University ... 03/25/23, 8853 bytes
Computer Science for Fun - cs4fn: Shaping poems*
... them. We definitely should have more mixtures of poems and computer science. Roll on National Poetry Day 2018 MORE ON ... A poem about recursion by Ada Lovelace's maths tutor with built in cipher Computer Science Limericks from our readers She loves me, she loves me not - more on fibonacci numbers SHARE ... 03/25/23, 12445 bytes
Computer Science for Fun - cs4fn: cs4fn Magazine+: Issue 18*
... you to the web site for more on various articles. Find the linked articles below. THE ARTICLES Computational creativity: Can machines be creative? Ada Lovelace: Visionary Playing with robots The algorithm that could not speak its name Diamond Dogs Rules of Engagement Yeah, But is It? The Painting Fool ... 03/25/23, 10258 bytes
Computer Science for Fun - cs4fn: Magic Squares*
... earliest known is from China and dates back to 2800 B.C. Great mathematician Leonhard Euler was interested in them. Victorian computer scientists, Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage played with them. US Founding Father Benjamin Franklin did too. German painter and printmaker, Albrecht Dürer created a ... 03/25/23, 8542 bytes
Computer Science for Fun - cs4fn: Robot Birds: Computing History*
... by Joseph Jacquard. His Jacquard Loom is widely credited as being the inspiration for Charles Babbage when he was designing the first computer. Ada Lovelace who worked with Babbage took a tour of factories to learn about machines and see a Jacquard Loom in action. SINGING BIRD BOXES The inside of a ... 03/25/23, 12566 bytes
Computer Science for Fun - cs4fn: Pioneering electronic music: Delia Derbyshire*
... person to realise that machines would one day be able to not just play music but also be able to compose it, was Victorian programmer, and Countess, Ada Lovelace. MORE ON ... Computing Sounds Wild: cs4fn magazine issue 21 Create your own music with Sonic Pi Music / Audio Engineering SHARE THIS ON.. ... 03/25/23, 9380 bytes
Computer Science for Fun - cs4fn: cs4fn Annual+: Issue 2*
... embarrassment, not less. PREDICTING CANCER CURES * Muffy Calder modelling biochemical pathways THE PEN, THE PAPER AND THE POET'S DAUGHTER * Ada Lovelace: the first programmer FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER * Mary Shelley predicting artificial life COGNITIVE CRASH DUMMIES * Bonnie John figuring out how easy ... 03/25/23, 15824 bytes
Computer Science for Fun - cs4fn: A Gendered Timeline of Computer Science Stars*
... Women have played a gigantic role in the history of computing. Their ideas form the backbone to modern technology. 1842 DATA REPRESENTATION Ada Lovelace points out that once other things, like music, are represented by numbers computers can be much more than just calculators. [More] 1858 DATA VISUALISATION ... 03/25/23, 11701 bytes

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