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Computer Science for Fun - cs4fn: Hear and ... their magic square**
... us feedback SEARCH: HEAR AND ... THEIR MAGIC SQUARE BY PETER MCOWAN AND PAUL CURZON, QUEEN MARY UNIVERSITY OF LONDON The magic square written out by Ada Lovelace/Charles Babbage Victorian Computer Scientists, Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage were interested in Magic Squares. We know this because a scrap ... 03/25/23, 12214 bytes
Computer Science for Fun - cs4fn: A Poem about recursion**
... a poem about recursion for you to contemplate, written by Victorian logician Augustus De Morgan (who was the Maths tutor of ‘first programmer’ Ada Lovelace): Great fleas Have Lesser Fleas, upon Their backs To Bite’em, And Lesser Fleas Have Lesser fleas, And So, Ad infinitum. and Those great Fleas ... 03/25/23, 8006 bytes
Computer Science for Fun - cs4fn: Last One In*
... A Storm in a Bell Jar Puzzling Victorian Doodles Vulgar coloured pens Tut, Tut! Look at your labels dear! Braille: Letters from the Victorian Smog Ada in her own words Dickens Knitting in Code The Silver Lady and Ada Lovelace Geek Gurl parties in the 1830s Ada Lovelace: the computer scientist without ... 03/25/23, 68742 bytes
Computer Science for Fun - cs4fn: SiteMap*
... Read ee4fn as a magazine: Electronic Engineering for Fun Read Audio! as a magazine: Audio Engineering for Fun The FUNdamentals of Computer Science ADA LOVELACE Ada Lovelace: the computer scientist without a computer: Issue 20 of cs4fn magazine Ada in her own words Geek Gurl parties in the 1830s Braille ... 03/25/23, 104075 bytes
Computer Science for Fun - cs4fn: Computer Science and Electronic Engineering: The Women are here!*
... 's too important to be left to men". Read lots of articles here or download the pdf of our annual on women in computing. Download the issue on Ada Lovelace. Download a women in computing poster THE WOMEN ARE HERE Women cover Women in Computing Booklet MAGAZINE ISSUE 23 issue 23 The Women are (still) ... 03/25/23, 34670 bytes
Computer Science for Fun - cs4fn: Computational Creativity*
... a unique ability of humans? Does it make any sense at all to talk about a machine creating art? Could a machine ever be creative in any way? Ada Lovelace suggested in the 1800s that one day they might, and now computational creativity researchers are making it happen. We look at the first attempt at ... 03/25/23, 23655 bytes
Computer Science for Fun - cs4fn: Frankenstein's Monster*
... to other fun sites * Complete our questionnaire, give us feedback SEARCH: FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER Sketch of Frankenstein's Monster Shortly after Ada Lovelace was was born, Mary Shelley, a friend of her father's, was writing a novel. In her book Frankenstein, inanimate flesh is brought to life. Life it ... 03/25/23, 8112 bytes
Computer Science for Fun - cs4fn: Pass the screwdriver please, Igor*
... life yet"...and started life as the game "Creatures". Then have a go at creating artificial life yourself. DOWNLOAD ... Download the magazine on Ada Lovelace MORE ON CREATING LIFE It's life Jim... Start creating... MORE ON HISTORY Ada Lovelace READING Steve Grand (2001) "Creation: Life and how to make ... 03/25/23, 10987 bytes
Computer Science for Fun - cs4fn: Dickens Knitting in Code*
... social circles as Charles Babbage, the Victorian inventor of the first computer (which he designed but unfortunately never managed to build) and Ada Lovelace the mathematician programmer of those first computers. They went to the same dinner parties and Dickens will have seen Babbage demonstrate his ... 03/25/23, 13232 bytes
Computer Science for Fun - cs4fn: History written in code*
... we recognize them now were made towards the end of the second world war as a result of the need to do code-cracking. Pioneers such as Al-Khwarizmi, Ada Lovelace and George Boole introduced new ways of thinking long before that, all of which were key to the development of the modern computers that we ... 03/25/23, 14998 bytes

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