Enter the maze

ALife games bred to your ability

QGames are played on your mobile

QGames is a fun new way of getting games for your mobile phone. Having played a game, if you find the playability too challenging or too easy, you can simply request a more appropriate game. To understand how QGames works and to get two free sample games visit our Qwacky site.

In short, we have used an artificial intelligence (AI) technique, based on the way real life evolves, to breed a zoo full of evolved versions of a game. Our special AI game player, that your phone talks to, learns how to judge how hard each version of the game is by playing it. It approximates the difficulty of a game by using rules it has learnt from our experiments with human players.

The Maze

The maze

A window through to the next room makes everything look wierdly block-like.

The maze

Through a door vast vats of gloop bubble.